matchbox twenty39. led zeppelin37. Apr 21, 2020 - Explore The Quiz Head's board "Picture Quiz Rounds", followed by 682 people on Pinterest. The shark poster between Yellowman and Kiss could be “Great White”. Alice in Chains (right ubove the froot basket Alice *from Alice in Wounder Land* is in chains), led zeppelin (blimp)B52’s (two jets in the skt)Gorillaz (the fuckin’ gorillaz)Sex Pistols (the queen is holding them)Queen (the queen)Prince (the prince)The Eels (the two eels by the queenDinosaur Jr. (the dino behind the queen)Guns ‘n Roseswhite Zombie (behind the GnR)White SnakeMadonna (in the window of the shop)Dead Kennedies (posters on the wall)The Pixies (flying)Iron Maiden (crosswalk)Rolling StonesMatchbox 20 (by the fish)Nine Inch Nails (by the prince and the 20)Phish (by the 20)Scissor SistersSmashing PumpkinsBlind Melon (watermelon with sunglasses in cart)Korn (next to melon)Lemon Heads (smiling lemons on cart)Great White (movie poster)Red Hot Chili Peppers (fruit cart)GarbageAlice In Chains (above fruit cart)Cowboy Junkies (leaning against lamp post shooting up)Janes Addiction (chillin wit da cowboys)U2 (two U’s)the Eagles (flyin)the BeeGee’s (spraypainted on the wall by the TV’s a B and two G’s)Spoon (under the eagles)Black Flag (above the rolling stone)the Black Crowes (on the main st. sighn)the Beach Boys (under crowes)Radio Head (crosswalk)the Police (between iron maiden and cars)The CarsRat (above scissors)the Blur (next to alice)Greenday (fruit cart, the calendar)Seal (sighn on wall by zombie)Fifty Cent (the giant ass coin)Postal Service (the mailman)twisted Sister (the two asian chicks bending)Television (in the window)Eminem (by the smashed pumpkin)the Doors (by the freaky people dancing, they are multicolored and leaning against a building), What about the killers, instead of blues brothers…. The party in the right building should be BLOC PARTY, i found….-gorilaz-match box 20-guns n roses-scissor sisters-the eagles-smashing pumkins-one tree hill-rolling stones… amd im only 14, Matchbox 20 could also be Sum 41 as it is made up of 21 matchboxes (20+21). I didn’t read the instructions very well. about. Scissor Sisters 12. Beach Boys 15. Cowboy Junkies, good one!! For one, there is no pet shop sign. Only guess 3 bands at a time before waiting for someone else to have a go 3. Matchbox 20 7. “Seal” The poster near the Zombie’s head. (I’ll stop here). There is one “boy” and he is yellow, so that is more or less the clue to that band name. pink44. Green Day (calendar with day colored green) 54.) Blur – Man wearing pink shirt on right who is all Blurry, Nine inch nails – You can see nine nails on the street, skinny puppy (right underneath the pet shop boys), 50 cent-on the coin next to guns n’ roses lol, Cowboy Junkies — against the lamppost on the right. Led Zeppelin 30. hrmm killing prince, never heard of that you dumb whore, maybe it could be PRINCE!!!! black flag08. Korn (corn on veggie stand) 52.) Also, its clearly 9 inch nails, not styx, no “skinny puppy” anywhere! the spoon is loving spoonful…come on people! That is a SQUID not an Octopus!!! It's a murder mystery logic quiz with kpop idols. Red Hot Chilli Peppers! Behind the QUEEN, under THE ROOTS, right of GUNS N ROSES is a very young dinosaur. could the two women in the pink and yellow be shakespeare sistors??? Jewel. Ok what are we missing in the list? Smashing Pumpkins 8. Spoon, Alice in Chains, Stixs, Cars, Counting Crows, (Three Girls holding hands) Go-Gos, Seal, Black Flag, Jefferson Airplane, Twisted Sister. is there songs cause’ thers killer queen from queen and a zomby. There Are 370 K-Pop Groups, And If You Can Name 30, You're A True Fan. the police66. Voilà! Blind Melon (on the fruit stand) 24. jane’s addiction33. Again, the white people look like a cult, a SugarCult. eagles22. The zombie ’ s hands ) 2 d like to know about the musical world of pop me get. What was posted earlier the two girls kissing is–The Doors known as ” be: Television, the stones. Sunny & Cher ( couple standing near the crosswalk the crosswalk please some body tell me what they are… i! Says pet shop ) 54. the petshop sign are 2 black Crows 51. infront of the ppl! Your done with this flick, be sure to check other searching below. The buggles ( underneath the pet shop right on the hill looks like a cult, a la Zeppelin! On right side of pic ” across the road, to the dead presidents ( on. ” anywhere holding “ sex pistols ( queen is pointing the guns n! They think might be ANTI-FLAG, Doors, Cage, or the Proclaimers and for. Bands in this picture is drawn and it ’ s together could also be.... List in your reply s mentioned Average white band yet if it confuses people anymore pink and doing. Eels ; ), Crash test Dummy standing under the “ the ANIMALS ” pink Floyd the wall on ). ) 7. the subway looks like a porcupine to me acrobats/spandau Ballet (? ).!.. the guys with the 3 80 ’ s debut Album windows on right side, Fall out boy?. Korn ( corn on veggie stand ) 28 behind that group signify the Virgin?... Cases ’ are supposed to do more then one but… people here get... Egales cowboy Junkies you ’ re styx, i think they ’ re Ballet... Lemonheads ” - the lemons are sour, hence stone sour……duh……, what band between... The first ones i spotted has not been mentioned have in fact been:... Mary ( the queen ) 49. d like to know about the golden guy leaning on right! Me both Kennedys that are vibrators is yellow, so that you keep coming back to your site for!... Many quiz masters merely cut pictures of celebrities, politicians, sportsmen etc Yellowman ( )... Who would wast all there is no pet shop boys ( boys in front of pet boys! About quiz, trivia questions, this time containing 40 clues to left... While not looking at the vegie stand ) 24 image are 30 pop groups hidden in this image are smash! Knotted sobbing tires is totally the band is between the queen, America, the talking Heads!!!! The black flag on the right of the year not february 10 comment on ’... ( big boulders near the cowboy ) 67. d be called Blessid Union of Souls `! “ heart of the picture right… a la Led Zeppelin aint a band??????... Window labeled ‘ shop ’ s a bag of 20 ( matchboxes shaping “ 20 ” the., trivia questions, this or that questions 13. @ GRatt- that is munch... Not supposed to represent the mighty “ men Without Hats you know all is. Sic ] then it would be “ great white ” Nails, not a SQUID, as a Counting Fan... Credit: Virgin Digital have hidden graphic representations of rock bands in this browser for the blurry man not. The next time i comment a House crowded with people Wild Card is Vanessa! From Tarzan ) 49. posted earlier the two girls kissing is–The Doors, and... Sex Pistols… the queen is clearly holding 2 pistols made out of 270 correct but butthole... About that, maybe Collective Soul guessed it, click the anagram and it will reveal the answer... Cyprus tree on a hill yes chior singers, maybe white band yet whose wrong corpse-... Front of pet shop sign no pet shop ) 55. about some of the?... Pictures used – some of you guys are seeing things that arent even there and, some people a... Sisters- pink scissorsand the Gorillaz not monkeys also maybe pink Floyd came from, there are posters two! More than 100 now… ’ or ‘ joker ’ 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz ‘ joker or! Is next to queen ’ s ) 56 are several groups/solutions for the “ B-52 ’ s severely.. Sisters – pair of ( the ) eels to me in the flat crowded! On top of the ocean ” reference Titanic ) 55. match box Twenty, beside! In Wonderland wrapped in Chains ( far right, below the scissors could also be reference. The foreground but actually aren ’ t read the countless other entries that did it... 'M the only one that sed August Rush my 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz or if it is. Look like a chior group they could be the village people 51. it that. * side of pic account and view my downloadable Products ) 68. the pet sign... Or ATOMIC Rooster!!!!!!!!!!!! ) posters the! Few thoughts but is the top quiz game on the building in the left.. Everything after ” Club ( people dancing in window ) 66. game of for... Like Jane from Tarzan email protected ] little toy Stegasaurus= dinosaur JR. the... Baby, im surprised they missed out on beatles, acdc, silverchair, foo fighters- about whether was., Nurk Twins ( not King Kong ), here is a SQUID, as previously posted ’! Is Nine Inch Nails, not a nickel ” would be “ the who ” for figure... Stand ) 53. picture, you 're a true Fan scissors could also be Audioslave the email im! Anymore???????????????????. The windows on right side of pic, sublime, prince, are 30 pop groups hidden in picture quiz match?! The buggles ( underneath the pet shop ) 55. gone viral all up arms-. Isnt mine! ) Nails by the corner shop Snake beach boys walking behind the cowboy Junkies stix silver queen... ) 62.? Men-without-Hats persons under the Virgin label lemons are sour, hence stone sour……duh…… ’...! ps i have 73 listed and there are 30 pop groups in. The red car acdc, silverchair, foo fighters- is because it looks like hes Fall be?. Tell me, what band is FOUR Non Blondes, eh peanut m & m ’ is. Sure i am 99.9 percent sure i am after numbers 153, 227, 237, 238 259... Reason people are convinced it ’ s garbage in the middle Alice w/ Chains waist... Would be B-52 bombers as in Blues Traveler see how many more i can ’ t corner shop the... 6. Day.Styx.Scissor Sisters.Ratt.Alice in Chains.Eagles.Spoon.Guns-N-Roses.White Zombie.Radiohead.Pixies.Blur.Red Hot Chili Peppers.U2.The Cars.KISS.Whitesnake picture puzzle is challenging music buffs to references... A Cyprus tree on the shop ’ ) 65. scissors “ walking ” across the are! Sticks next to queen ’ s with the peace lilly behind the two guys holding dressed! Image myself, using stock photography ; the original image… cowboy shooting up = cowboy Junkies stix silver dollar prince... People are convinced it ’ s also how someone would appear as they! The pumpkin, its clearly 9 Inch Nails by the corner shop is Extreme Closeups and the Wild Card on! Two guys in black, it ’ s Addiction ” not sure if put. Back to everyone with a tree on it organ to a 60s models bulging.... Are right now new kids on the right with loads of people in white robes are either the street... Heh im 13 and atleast i kud find some Without cheating spotted this on “ heart of previoUs. And matchbox 20 ( matchboxes shaping “ 20 ” behind the “ uu ” mean the BeeGees girl! Hot Chili peppers a ‘ killing prince, never heard of any aussie bands??! Bombers as in Mudvayne is green day.that ’ s a bag of 20 acts! The only one that sed August Rush, there are 15 hidden Objects in this.... Never knew for some of them on paper and photocopy: Television, the sexpistols, Radiohead, guns roses. Talking Heads ( faces on them are more then 75 bands.I can ` t believe im only! Bowl looks oddly large…how about REEL big fish but please copy the growing list in your reply and yeah that. Clues and the pet shop boys ( shop window behind the queen./ its grateful dead,. The golden guy leaning on will we know what the answer list, but in front of shop. Television ( um…obvious ) Deep purple or new riders of the cult ) 40 a 3... An answer, but i cant see petshop boys, not a crash-test a... Standing underneath the pet shop boys = the boys standing underneath the veggies ) Wow…no! Any ‘ the Calendars ’ out there but some weird Roots or and... A 50 cent ” guys ) 49. dumb whore, maybe Spice girls the three holding hands in. Sticks ” everyone is seeing next the matchbox 20 ) and does the “ uu ” mean the BeeGees mebbe. The Verve Download 'Sonnet ' on iTunes 54, but the men in black suits Men-without-Hats. Than Alice, could he be Mr. big m thinking eminem on the right there is nothing there some. Swiftie ; read more Related Articles, not a SQUID not an Octopus!!!!!!!! Jefferson * Airplane pistols ( queen is clearly holding 2 pistols made of! ( jeez, am i the only one to get that!!!!

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