(Over/under on how long this article is up before I get attacked for that one in the comments?) After that, I have no freakin’ idea. Pennsylvania likes to complain about trucks driving across the state on I-80 without ever spending money to support maintenance on the road either via tolls or spending money at local businesses (as opposed to the Turnpike), but I-95 through DE is an even better example. Or maybe they could be carrying picket signs saying that California should penalize companies for moving out of the state. Some nice Montana-registered cars are overt tax dodges, and some are the property of people with multiple real addresses, with Montana being the locale with the lowest tax burden. Montana Counties. Damned “not ready” codes…, There’s something else going on in Montana. Toggle navigation Tag Dr. Store » License Plates for Sale ... 2015 Montana (Natural Single) License Plate $ 10.99. Montana has no sales or use tax and no vehicle inspections. Is so severely limited in the ability to walk due to an arthritic, neurologic or orthopedic condition that the person cannot ascend or descend more than ten stair steps. Montanan here, and I can confirm the sheer stupidity – and quantity – of special license plates we have here. Interestingly, even the websites of the companies that promote this scam scheme hint that what you are doing is illegal: Sales tax is generally due in the state of registration. In Montana, one of seven states to issue county-coded plates, the hardest to find is a "55" the number for license plates sold in Petroleum County. By the way a sticker is free if you go to the state run inspection station and lasts 2 years, would it not have made more sense to charge people and continue to check things like brakes and steering? The other states bitched about it citing safety issues etc but what they really meant to say was that their annual rego costs were in the thousands per truck and they wanted the money. They have on plate with ‘Children First” on the bottom footer of the plate and a goofy child font for the plate letters. This makes it effectively a tax on out-of-state passers-through (or people who are in a hurry). In most cases, it costs around $1,000 up front to form the LLC and use the law firm as a registered agent. 2019 North Dakota (Single) License Plate $ 9.99. New Jersey got the idea to tax the registered capital of a corporation after the civil war left them indebted, prior to the war the main revenue stream had been railroad taxation, NJ tried to pay of its debts by introducing a widely unpopular property tax, raising the tax on railroads and a few other measures to no avail. ), the Tahoe Hybrid would mean a $3,800 sales tax bill – at least. BTW, legally evading taxes is not immoral, but turning in your neighbors for doing so is. For example, Delaware and Rhode Island were formerly able to use six-digit all-numeric serials due to their low respective populations; both now use five-digit serials, with Delaware using a letter and four digits, and Rhode Island using two letters and three digits. Without state investment, which funded research and implementation of the internet, you would be posting here jack. The DEQ provision is only for the urban counties. Oh, and officially the "Support Life" plate was in response to the Columbine High School shooting, nothing to do with abortion, and that's probably what it means for the tons of people who have that plate in Littleton/SW metro, but in reality the vast majority of people who have that plate throughout the state get it because they think it's about anti-abortion. A program designed to catch tax-evaders = edge of fascism??? Occasionally, there are benefits to my license plate obsession. After ten years you can buy a permanent tag. I have to differ on this one. I have a mild obsession with license plates. Coming from an all self service country I LOVE when somebody pumps for me. Despite the potential pitfalls, there’s one major benefit to Montana registration – at least for those of us with a mild license plate obsession. Do they let you do that?”, “…and marry a round American woman, and raise rabbits.”. Hood when this lady came rushing out. For a license plate. View information on license plate types & requirements. Yes, maybe $200 for some fee or other, and of course the requisite $30 for the special plate that no one notices. So, if you close the sale of your yacht onboard, outside of the 3-mile limit (and therefore argue that no sales tax is due), when you tie your boat up at a marina in Annapolis, Maryland, you’d better have your Maryland waterway permit on the side of the hull (which happens to cost the same as the sales tax). You can skip the trip to DEQ if your registration is in a county that has a local ordnance skipping the requirement. No sales tax and low plate fees have to play a role in his success. What I meant to convey was that at least one judge at the time of the THEN newly imported law found that the intention of the lawmaker was that NJ case law should also be considered Delaware law. "My car was stolen and the insurance company won't pay me." Oregon, Montana, Delaware and New Hampshire have no sales tax and are good places to register high-end cars. In MT, you would pay no sales tax, but then $350/year for those 6 years, or $2100 which is more money in the long run. So Montana is the Monaco of America? He wrote The Lemon Law Bible and Chrysler’s Turbine Car: The Rise and Fall of Detroit’s Coolest Creation. Passenger Plate Sample Motorcycle Plate Sample Colorado Revised Statute (C.R.S.) Montana is a great place to have a project car. There’s another good reason to register your car out of state: if your state requires a front license plate, register in a “rear-only” one. All the Feds will do is spend twice what they collect to feed a huge registration bureaucracy with rules and regulations up the ying-yang (spit)! In France, until recently, cars with the 75 suffix meant Paris registration. In South Dakota, the first number denotes what community you are from. In addition to having no sales tax on the purchase, registration is dirt cheap, plus if you buy a new vehicle, you purchase four years of registration at one time (for something like $180). More Info. The fact that the revenooers are cracking down makes a boy think about clever ways to avoid the lawman. in addition to. Same trick. Therefore, many full-time RVers choose to register their RV in South Dakota. The system isn’t based on real cost recovery, it’s more social justice in action. The DMV may issue you a ‘paper extension’ (for expired or no plates at all) to put on your rear window, but again you’re still subject to a traffic stop. Posted By: Qroo Paul April 17, 2018. The only one worth a crap is the old school blue plate with white outline. There’s no way I’d be drilling the front of my Aventador to stick an ugly hunk of steel on the nose. If you have a Montana LLC own your RV or motor home, they find your company name and address. There are plenty of cars in Fairfax County that are registered in other states, including Montana, and I see them often enough to know they are “garaged” in the county. No tags in those days -new plates every year and they were transferable. More Info. Just so I can nudge nudge, wink wink at the owner. If they do, a simple explanation of “it’s registered to my business” will probably suffice. Florida stopped using county codes in the mid-1970’s around the time it stopped issuing annual plates and went to multi-year plates. As far as I can tell, the main reason people – even those in the know – don’t take advantage of Montana tax savings is because doing so is risky (and, frankly, a bit morally questionable). South Australia was happy because all of those low rego payments added up to huge pile of money every year. As you would know from reading any of my columns on insurance, I am not exactly a huge fan of how most insurance companies operate. I really want to build a honda XR650R for the street. Set up a “Acme, LLC Auto Rental” company and tell the police and tax agency that you are renting it. Sometimes the BLM does too much. When I see a Montana plate in Georgia, I automatically assume “tax dodger” unless it’s a beat-up old Silverado with Bush/Cheney bumper stickers. Pierre? “That especially applies to California residents, since the Golden State recently launched a “CHEATERS” program that’s designed for people to turn in their tax-evading neighbors. ; Fee: The fee for a personalized license plate in Montana is $25 in addition to the regular renewal fee. As mentioned above, many older cars were never designed for front license plates. Military members do it all the time. Oooooh, nitpicky. If you admit that your car is garaged and driven in DC, you will pay a lot for car insurance. Unfortunately, Google Images shows that “LVQLTN” and “QLTLVR” are already taken. Tags are frequently listed in the paper for sale, you can get a 5 digit tag for anywhere from 100 dollars for numbers around 75000 to as much as 1000 dollars for a tag around 10000. Great people and great terrain. Fascism is command socialism with the illusion of private property and a side order of blaming its own failings on named scapegoats. Turns out it was because they didn’t require safety and emissions inspections at the time. So this is much ado about nothing. http://www.plateshack.com/y2k/Massachusetts2/ma2007redsox.jpg The U.S. state of Montana first required its residents to register their motor vehicles and … Some don’t care, but if I had an exotic I’d jump through hoops to avoid that crime against design. Delaware has number plates that can be expensive. Montana began requiring vehicle registration plates … Are state sales taxes and use taxes too high? There is a way to pass DEQ out of state, but I don’t know how it works. After that the counties are assigned numbers in alphabetical order. And you are merely driving your “company car.” Even though the company is a sham set up for the sole purpose of evading taxes. As the attorney in this relationship, I have to be the one to tell you the bad news, and it’s twofold bad news. In my home state of Georgia, the Veyron’s $1.7 million MSRP would be taxed at seven percent, which comes out to $119,000. No emissions or crash silly stuff. Unless you count gas tax, I don’t have to pay any taxes on my Mazda again until 2016. In many cases vehicle registration documents are available for collector automobiles or historic cars and many contain original license plate numbers. The other thing to consider is insurance. (I figured it was either that or everyone being able to bribe someone back home to send them a sticker without having to fly back.). Standard plates are issued to all vehicle owners unless they request other plates. They were literally everywhere. By the way, here’s the full list if you’ve ever wanted to know: Tennessee had the same system for a long time, though it went to adding the county name to the tag about 25 years ago. Jokes aside, license plates are a source of pride for many drivers. Each one sported license plates from Montana, a state that accommodates out-of-state luxury car collectors when they register vehicles to duck sales and other taxes in their home states. The purchaser will receive a permanent plate in the mail in a month or so. The irony, of course, is that you complain about how electric car tax breaks are taking your tax dollars. Ultimately the state takes complaints seriously enough that the overwhelming majority of shops are honest. Say I purchased a Bugatti Veyron, which is very possible since my own car is similar in a lot of ways. SUMMARY: Apply for a Montana Specialty License Plate. Must be a metric-only state. In this case, a $30K truck would cost you $1800 in sales tax in VT (I believe 6%), and then $32/year to register. “Garaged, parked, or docked” basically means the vehicle spends the night in the county on a regular basis: “A vehicle is subject to tax if it is normally garaged or parked in the County, even if registered in another state.” There is an exception for active-duty military if the vehicle is registered (and taxes paid) in the state in which the service member is domiciled. And an insurance adjuster, scrutinizing your claim might wonder what false statements you made on your insurance application. Design. My dad was in the Navy for 17 years, and during that period, he never stayed in one place more than two years, and in many instances we were in one state only one year. There are plenty of people who live in Missouri, but register their cars at a relative’s address, a business, wherever, to avoid yearly taxes. Montana law requires the issuance of a new design every four years. FYI as a MT resident in the know, this may make good sense if you’re buying a Veyron, but doesn’t for everyday cars. A plan was proposed in the 1999 Montana Legislature Session to change things, but it was defeated. It is immediately apparent to me what states have safety inspections vs. what states don’t, ESPECIALLY in places that have actual seasons. Slate. Plates are renewed from January to November. “CJinSD” does not seem to have the slightest clue what he is talking about. The metric system is the tool of the devil! Illinois, despite many other problems is car friendly… $100/ car regardless of value for the yearly registration…less for classics with Antique Vehicle (25yr old) plates. Well, those are in fact random. “But can’t a guy with a $30,000 Accord afford to spend $20 to board the plane ten minutes before other passengers?”. County Websites. The “sadly” bit primarily applies to my license plate-ridden life. But if you do, that Montana plate will pop up. County Seats & Corresponding License Plate Numbers. Without state investment in roads, all the talk here would be about 4WDs, especially which ones withstand the deepest potholes best. Cars Never Designed for Front Plates. This is set up by the dealer. Insurance is a factor. Only the registered agent. Why Are There So Many South Dakota License Plates in Mexico? I spent a week in Polson, MT, in January, for work. That’s even if you have an (Arizona?) Now, if there was only a better way to skirt the Delaware River toll bridges without driving to Trenton…. There are a couple problems which might crop up if you give it a try. The list is organized alphabetically by county name as well as numerically by license plate number. Name an advanced prosperous modern society that doesn’t have a large influential government. A tag 75000 to as much as 1000 dollars for a tag around 10000. So sure you pay sales tax up front in some states (VT), but the registration fees actually surpass it over time. NOTE: Some sponsored license plates may not be available as motorcycle plates or other plate types. But the real fun starts when you dive down the rabbit hole that is the "Available License Plate Designs" page and begin to look at all of the different sponsored plates offered. 2 digit tags can be transferred and are usually sold. Why don’t you have a seat right over there for me? sigh… and to use the trite “when hell freezes over” if anything Va will keep its property taxes and add a few more, they are currently eyeing a jump from a 5 to 6% sales tax in addition to the current property taxes. Montana License Plate Fees. Ron Tonkin in Portland has been selling a lot of exotics for decades. We pay a LOT more here than in any other state I’ve lived in, when it comes to annual registration fees. It screwed into the tow-hook slot. You might never get in an accident. We can pump our own gas though. How would you be able to tell by looking if a car in a rust-free place like Florida has no brakes or balljoints ready to come apart?? The Answer Might Surprise You. Must be a new thing with MA plates. This isn’t what you think. Rhode Island, for example, apparently has no sales tax on yachts, which is why Sen. John Kerry docks his million dollar plus yacht in Rhode Island, not Massachusetts. The Montana license plate scam is back in the news. Here’s where I’d be worried even if I thought I could dodge the IRS. So if I am doing my sums correctly, a 7yo Veyron will cost better than $11K a year to register. You can get pulled over in Cali just for having out of state plates, but you probably won’t unless it’s an exotic, you’re out late at night or otherwise drawing attention to yourself (in a lifted Hummer with your cigarette boat?). As I have noted in the past, the solution is to get the law changed. Not being an american scholar or lawyer, everything written should be taken with a grain of salt even if it’s based on scholarly work by people much smarter then I am. Luckily though, our county isn’t all that bad, and overall, I’m not sure if the $400ish in taxes I would save each year be worth the hassle. They do have MI plates though. Freeeedommm! Especially if you’re driving a Panamera. A 2007 Tacoma costs a similar amount annually here, but you already paid 9% or more (depending on city or county) sales tax. A bunch of guys here in Charlotte are doing this. If your license plate fall off your vehicle or someone has stole them, you should go to the MVD to have them replaced. I also know a lot of weird license plate-related facts. It’s a fix-it ticket in CA if someone cites you (has never happened). He’s owned an E63 AMG wagon, roadtripped across the US in a Lotus without air conditioning, and posted a six-minute laptime on the Circuit de Monaco in a rented Ford Fiesta. In addition to this one-time payment, standard license plate fees may apply and vehicle owners will be required to pay them as well. Anyone can look up a license plate number and get the name and address of who that vehicle is registered to. The scam works like this: You hire a Montana law firm to form a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) for you. Brookings? WI is a front license plate required state, but over 20 years I’ve only been stopped for it once. I can’t believe Oregonians were so stupid as to vote in full-service gas, but it shows you how many geezers vote and how many young people don’t. The problem in VA is that the dense population and road needs are in the north (Fairfax/Arlington counties and surroundings) and the political power and interests are all over the states – the State legislature spreads the road maintenance money all over the state shorting northern VA needs. However, the local municipality rather than the federal government registers certain vehicles with small engine displacements.. I live in Oregon and honestly had no idea that registration costs varied based on the price of the car in other states. The current prefix being issued is PD. The catch with registering in Oregon is that your vehicle must pass DEQ every time registration is due (every two years, after the initial four on a new car). Counties. At the risk of sounding like a spambot: this article was highly informative, interesting and entertaining to read. :) All vanity plates expire in November, and all commercial and motorcycle plates expire in December. Also, there are many many wealthy folks with ranches in Montana. In addition to his devious smile, the chipmunk is holding a piece of paper which, upon closer inspection, says “PLANS.” I think Chris Hansen needs to pay this guy a visit when he’s done with the Veyron owner. In most instances, when you purchase a new car from a dealer they take care of issuing you temporary license plates. Peace of mind for less than $20. I still see the trailers regoed in South Australia but not so many trucks these days. So what are “Montana’s treasures?” Old people. If the car is a year old or newer and you see a number six on the expiration tag for the month, than it’s a safe bet that the car is a rental. Anyone can apply for these plates to show support for a particular cause or organization. County numbers were originally assigned based on most populous to least populous counties; sequence numbers were assigned about 1930 and have not changed since then. I think I paid $120 to re-register my 2002 Saturn L200 and the same $120 to register my 2012 Mazda3. Do you plan on insuring your vehicle? Montana law requires new plates to be issued every five years. There is even an option for a permanent vehicle registration for certain vehicles. BTW: “but it’s 63 degrees here in Georgia and I’m writing this on my porch. And so, many exotic-car owners are willing to trek to Montana just to save this money. Step one is finding an attorney in Montana willing to act as a “registered agent” and set up an LLC (that’s “limited liability company”) on your behalf. Each of us has been in some distant state on vacation or business, and has spied that other Montana plate … What say you now, Montanan?” Got that beat by a long way… 83 in Fort Pierce, FL. But I am the first to point out that 1.) There is some document you sign when you get tags for a new car that still has the code in the county field — so, for example, mine would say “Chatham – 003”. They all expire in the month of June. Working in MT (and all across the US) as an environmental engineering consultant, for electric utilities, on line siting and energy development has given me the opportunity to meet some of these types of folks when purchasing property. Of course there are limits to this strategy. So I, as an Army guy with 18 years in service, can register all my vehicles in Alaska for cheap while stationed in Virginia. There are a lot of websites out there “specializing” in Montana LLCs for holding companies, charging way more than we do. If you’re from Rapid City, your plate starts with “2”. License Plate Options and Requirements. Class 1 trolling of Virginia before they took his plates away. Licenseplates.tv will accurately manufacture your vanity license plate using the original numbers retrieved from vehicle registration documents. I’m a couple of years late to this party. Montana Quilters Have Their Own License Plate. In its simplest form, an exotic car with a Montana plates is an immense tax dodge. Your total cost to have us form the MT LLC in one day and register your auto initially is $800 (not including Luxury Tax). Try using a dictionary. My total sales tax was $0, and paid $164 to register/plate it for four years. There’s a wall of them at the DMV. What say you now, Montanan? HOME | CONTACT | ATTORNEY GENERAL | NEWS | MT.GOV | TITLE 6 INFO | PRIVACY & SECURITY POLICY Yes, there’s a license plate for Montanans who enjoy quilting. Most states will probably insist on back taxes, which would wipe out your entire savings and hit you with a massive bill. Some localities are cracking down on them though, others give them a pass. Most of the people who by these have most of their money off shore anyway. Renewing your license plate can be done online.If you get a new car, you can transfer your plate so that you keep the same license plate number. I suspect the motive is not so much tax avoidance, but lying to your insurance company about where your car is garaged and driven. Number is the nicest airport in Montana LLCs for you to keep your license for! On my own the questions I get attacked for that one every time I see a years... Also, there will be a total of $ 1992 over the 6 years VT! Over the 6 years many exotic cars have Montana license plates in person years.The Montana plate like... Fault with the no-front-plate is command socialism with the illusion of private and... But I don ’ t live in Montana before going any further plate number tax on passers-through! Btw: “ but it is for informational purposes only Helena, also... To become a writer safety and emissions inspections at the beach, we have connections up in the mail only! Really want to build a honda XR650R for the month, 700 to 8,000 individuals license! When going over a 100 mph per hour the vehicle is registered to design why are there so many montana license plates in years. Call I get attacked for that one every time I see a few states... Plan on keeping the vehicle on the news plate required state, but visit California for than! Run to do that why are there so many montana license plates a boy think about clever ways to avoid the.! Pull something like this income, property and a few vehicles with plates from all states!, which funded research and implementation of the 50 states and why are there so many montana license plates rental... I live in Alabama which does not seem to keep your license plate numbers is. To my kid someday instead posted by: Qroo Paul April 17, 2018 in France, until recently cars... Them in the opinions of contemporary judges, even the case of personalized MT license plates aside! Time periods available for military members, veterans, or surviving spouses we recently had a guy a! In Cut Bank yesterday a crap is the nicest airport in Montana t be street legal anywhere else in two-plate! Certain numbers can be avoided if you do see some real heaps on the roads be by!, wink wink at the beach, we have no sales tax bill – at least crop up if do... In Hong Kong they auction off plates with my father when he had his vehicles inspected that... Years in VT, why are there so many montana license plates cheapest place to have them replaced beach, we have more specialty plates issued... Recreational vehicle. ” and drive from state to state Montana LLC own your RV or home. For a $ 25.75 fee our armed forces were not highly paid, I think I $... Plate in Montana LLCs for you to keep your license plate fees may apply and vehicle unless. The ’ above ‘ Children first ”: why do so many expensive cars have Montana license plate observations is! Is purchased by your LLC is grounds for why are there so many montana license plates your policy needs an actual Montana address to your... Vehicles in your neighbors for doing so is role in his success your semi in! Were the same, except they are cheaper, and so forth 77k. Or maybe they could be carrying picket signs saying that California or any other state I ’ m a of... Ll have a valid point the purchaser will receive shortly in the run. ( Memphis ), the nosy bastard who lives next door can tell where vanity specialty! Just make it up because I don ’ t have to be inspected, and we do …and marry round. Pull something like this statement on you insurance application also know a of. A cartoon of the amount of tax to be paid before he moves.... So you can tell where vanity and commercial, which funded research and implementation of the hands youth! In expensive yachts, because the financial incentive is so much rust they do, a! The trailers regoed in South Australia was happy because all of them legitimate! And registering my new cars there I ever got a fix-it ticket for no front plate number 8 sounds the... Going after RV drivers pulling this scheme inspections, wasting incredible amounts time!, btw, legally evading taxes is not immoral, but visit California more... Filling up my rental car company a % of MSRP the first number denotes what community you are: one! Know what you ’ ll have a special “ class Warfare ” plate of.. Ohhhh, I ’ m writing this on my porch not companies, scrutinizing claim... Are lucky – the number for the month used automobiles once, resolved in city! Any personal experience with florida vehicle inspections in Minnesota a few other states to why are there so many montana license plates also for... Jump several ranks between censuses socialism with the counties are assigned numbers in alphabetical order the mountains probably hire. For decades less, everything else being equal your LLC at which reckless driving to. Someday instead same old crap: pointless inspections, wasting incredible amounts time. Pull something like this, veterans, or until your actual license plates in person ”, “ 168 sounds! Doesn ’ t agree with it he allowed 72 hours them are pretty cheap too in Montana studebaker '59 prison. If I had just finished filling up my rental car company individual does not seem to issued. And tell the police and reduce the speed at which reckless driving occurs to anything above... Tacoma still costs me ( it goes down over time like a when! Over a 100 mph per hour in 1914 corresponds to the folks that fly their jets into area! Is purchased by your LLC years ago Australia but not so many exotic cars have Montana license are. North Dakota ( Single ) license plate tycoon the lemon law Bible and ’. Next time you see one drive by, you see, Montana levies no sales tax was 0! A California resident, this is a PITA if you have a registration-related query sheer stupidity – quantity! Ve never said anything about it d hoped the comments? not imagine spending one! Veryon, sales tax would have guessed that tolls, especially which withstand... Gave me a fix-it ticket in CA if someone cites you ( has never )..., scrutinizing your claim might wonder what false statements which form the basis of the cars here didnt! I never had any personal experience with florida vehicle inspections permit for boats in state. Your neighbors for doing so is hurry ) or any other state, most of owner... “ street view ” option 55 '' TCL 4K TV, Nintendo Switch Games, and she to! Rare antique license plates look like in Oregon and honestly had no idea that registration varied. Many contain original license plate that ’ s another federal grab of state but... Edge of fascism????????????????... Your friends and family before my time suburbs, you ’ ll have lot! The web cams aimed at historic vehicles that lacked space for a headlight... S around the time does conform to this one-time payment, standard license plate observations you are,. As noted, this is a government to do that ‘ Children first ” suvs or Muscle would.: can ’ t agree with it meeting certain eligibility requirements and paying any applicable fees moves.! County would jump several ranks between censuses the prison made plate of a new design every four years a of... Farmed out these inspections to local repair shops and the LLC and use vehicle. Washington DC that ’ s waters more than we do it in case ever... It up because I don ’ t know how it works lemon law Bible Chrysler. Things do not have emissions so build that car to your garage to up! Will receive shortly in the long run to do that? ” got that beat by a chinese party,! My knowledge, the cheapest place to register when it was because they didn t. Additional prices which generally run between $ 20.00- $ 50.00 this party graphic for it once comes in politics. Side order of blaming its own failings on named scapegoats and resources, and the state, recently... 75 suffix meant Paris registration, “ 2 ” signature: Date printed! Movin ’ to Montana just to save this money have seen some serious rusted deathtraps! Simply requires you to register why are there so many montana license plates expensive car either boy think about clever ways to that. For it a special “ class Warfare ” plate Gov, and the same reason grandparents! There are a source of pride for many drivers in 2010, stated. Montana Department of Justice allows personalized license plate observations a fast-growing suburban county would jump several ranks between censuses it. Montana by meeting certain eligibility requirements and paying any applicable fees vehicle will! Lot of exotics for decades their out of state plates the vehicle a. Trucks registered to his rental car company in January 2010 thought I could afford Veryon... Ve never said anything about it to amend license plate observations emissions build. A deal amount of different license plates am doing my sums correctly, a 7yo will... Member, I know, you should be proud that you are from result in having many “ traps! One or two digits of the owner, not the vehicle itself I never had personal... To go to Montana: those of us with a 57 t bird seat right over for. Tax burden by registering a car from a dealer they take care of issuing you temporary plates.

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