Contact. Our passion is providing you the best in high country plants for your landscape needs. If you’re feeling nostalgic for college this summer, take extra note of the brown-eyed Susan. Where it grows: Throughout the state in prairies and foothills. The flower is also notable for its long, thin antennae with yellow tips that reach out from the flowers. Christine Peterson 307-746-3121, They all have the bright yellow flowers, so what’s the difference? It is one of the few flowers able to grow in Wyoming’s rocky, thinly soiled high mountains. Great for spicing up salads or edging borders! The Rocky Mountain Herbarium at the University of Wyoming also maintains lists of Wyoming plant species. They grow as single plants but often growing in a bunch or group together. It grows in foothills, plains, along roadsides and often in sagebrush, said Brian Sebade, a University of Wyoming extension educator. The scarlet paintbrush, Castilleja miniata, tends to be a little taller than Wyoming paintbrush, and its red tops a little denser and lighter red, almost pink. writer, Wyoming's wildflowers: Mountain high carpet, Wyoming's wildflowers: Little yellow castles, Wyoming's wildflowers: Summer's last purple, Wyoming's wildflowers: The last bit of summer, Wyoming's wildflowers: Take a closer look, Wyoming's wildflowers: A hardy bit of beauty, Wyoming's wildflowers: A plant for Cowboys' fans, Wyoming's wildflowers: Similar but different, Wyoming's wildflowers: A gift from the heavens, As the snow melts and Wyoming's wildflowers bloom, consider how they evolved to thrive, Cheney says she will vote to impeach Trump, Lawyers and judges: The rule of law matters, On impeachment, Cheney says some votes 'should never be partisan', 18 blow-over crashes reported in Wyoming amid winds that have topped 100 mph, Weather service records 105 mph wind gust in Wyoming. “Gayfeather roots were said to vary greatly in palatability.”. Native Plants for the Intermountain West . “With long winters in many western states, it can add a refreshing brilliant yellow contrast against the gray-green vast landscape of the sagebrush steppe.”. The alpine forget-me-not, Eritrichum nanum, has five, light blue petals and a yellow center. The color of the corolla can be a light green to bright yellow. US Wildflower's Database of Wildflowers for Wyoming Click on thumbnail for larger version of image, scientific name for detail page. It doesn’t have spines like a cactus, but does have thicker leaves that hold water for arid days, said Diantha States, a Lander plant enthusiast and co-author of Wildflowers of Wyoming. The plant grows exclusively in the Laramie Range of Albany and Converse counties. Incredibly attractive, Adiantum aleuticum (Maidenhair Fern) is a deciduous or semi-evergreen, perennial fern with graceful, bright green fronds which open like the fingers of a hand atop upright, shiny, purple-black wiry stems. Because you eat the roots, you have to kill the whole plant to eat it.". It blooms a little later in the year, and outdoor enthusiasts will still find them in lower elevations such as foothills and plains. The dotted gayfeather, Liatris punctata, persists in the heat of August and into September, and grows in dry, coarse soils, according to the USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service. Send a lovely arrangement of flowers, balloons, or related products to someone special Its large, yellow flower brightens hillsides like a sea of sunflowers. Our gift baskets are very popular. They usually don’t grow near neighboring flowering plants.Follow Assistant Content Director Christine Peterson on Twitter @PetersonOutside. From anniversary flowers to sympathy flowers to get well flowers - all available for residence, hospital, and funeral home delivery - trust Nate's Flowers and Gifts to have just the right arrangement for you. What to look for: Leaves are narrow, between 2 to 8 mm wide. They need less fertilizers, pesticides or use less water. Aquatic Plants Aquatic plants, such as Hydrilla, Eurasian watermilfoil, and Curly Pondweed can have huge impacts on fishing, boating, and even swimming in Wyoming waters. There are many benefits in growing native plants. In North America, the sweet-smelling, long-leaved phlox has been used as medicine by various tribes including the Shoshone, Havasupai from Arizona and Washoe from Nevada and California. “Horticultural varieties might become taller and have different colors of flowers. Third, they support wildlife, providing shelter and food for native birds and insects, while exotic plants do not. It is also drought-tolerant, and big game tend to eat it in the spring, according to the USDA's Natural Resources Conservation Service. It is one of the first plants to bloom to grow each year. Soil conditions, availability of moisture, slope, aspect, and elevation all determine where plants grow. Be the first to know. Where it grows: Found in grasslands, Sagebrush Steppe, woodlands, montane, and subalpine, it occurs in the west from Nevada to Wyoming and as far north from Montana and Idaho down to Colorado. Where it grows: Granite outcrops, typically on shaded, north-facing ones, in the Laramie Peak area.

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