During the perimeter search, she comes across the giant spider illusion but remains unimpressed and walks away. When Callum devised a plan Rayla told him that what Claudia was trying to say for the lightning spell that he heard as "fool" was actually "Fulumus", the draconic word for lightning. But after Ezran believes someone may need help she goes to investigate. The thought of her arranging something that might brand her as a romantic was an intriguing and exciting one. With the light finding her with a pure heart, Khessa is forced to allow Janai continued custody of Amaya. Ooh there are so many good answers to this question, anon! When Runaan refuses, she tells the boys to take the egg and leave while she confronts him. As Callum scorns Ezran, Rayla gives him a chance to explain. This is why Rayla believes that Ethari could and would skip out on ghosting her, too: because he … MovieFlame Recommended for you Did you just say lol xd out loud. Once upon dry land again, she says that her kind isn't allowed to show fear and that her parents weren't dead but wished they were, as she told them of their duty to guard the Dragon King and prince but failed and fled. Realizing that the prince's egg needed to be returned home to its mother, Rayla argued with Claudia who thought the elves were going to use it as a weapon. But just as they do Rayla looks on with worry as she sees a dragon named Sol Regem. Rayla is an impressive, emerging singer-songwriter who has made a splash in the music industry. In the Unknown origin, Rayla means "Rayla \ra(y)-la\ as a girl's name is a variant of Ray. She is relieved to hear of a healer that can help the egg and her hand, but who lives in the Cursed Caldera. Rayla tries to grab the egg, but drops it because of her bad hand and looks on in horror as Ezran dives into the icy water to save it. Soon she and the egg were led away by Ezran but were chased by smoke wolves; the young elf tries to fight them off to no avail but they're saved when Callum casts a spell that destroys them. Rayla admits that their failure is her cause but she did not abandon Runaan as she shows to Ethari that she had found the Dragon Prince. Rayla teaches him how before the spell is finally lifted to show the Silvergrove. April 8 Birthdays. The Royal Ghost is a powerful offensive troop since his invisibility allows him to reach key targets without taking unnecessary damage, such as a Wizard. Variations. Ethari is grateful but sadly informs Rayla that they need to hasten their travel as the Dragon Queen has now fallen ill after the loss of her mate and son. I have nothing to do. Sol Regem: You arelesser beings. She stood with them, right in between Callum and Soren, who grinned. Feeling like she's losing him, she almost admits her feelings to him until Callum awakens. Seeing no other option Rayla tries to reason with the former dragon king to allow them to pass back into Xadia, showing Zym to him upon smelling the dragon prince he allows her and the dragonling to pass but not Callum. As such, she developed a hatred for them. Tip-top!" Claudia then reveals that they failed their mission to secure the egg as it had already hatched and it almost costs Soren's life, to which a furious Viren lashes out that Soren's life didn't matter as long as the Dragon Prince was recaptured. "it 'is not ghost broccoli. Tay went as Rayla from The Dragon Prince though and hot damn. He asks if she has a nicer word for it, like honor or redemption, arguing that it is indeed just pride. Running Time The trio's boat soon gets caught in the rapids where Rayla admits she afraid of water, but they end up at a lake where they're attacked by a monster. Text. The group reaches the tree Ellis described, and Rayla discovers that he was right about everything. Upon hearing his speech, Rayla stands and walks over to him. Rayla was nearly asleep by this point, so she didn't bother responding. When she voices concerns about what to be in life since being an assassin isn't working she hears a piece of advice from Villads saying that life is much like a river with so many turns, that you don't know where you are going, but when someone figures who they are and what they stand for the river will always take you where you're meant to be. Seeing that she has a justification, Rayla leads Callum to the homestead of Ethari, Runaan's husband, who both took care of Rayla during her parents' years at the Dragon Guard. Taking pleasure in having her hand back, she urges everyone to leave, which Lujanne agrees to, due to dark forces tailing them. Callum believes that the elves are just mistaken as they did not know what truly happened during the mission. Both Rayla and Callum reluctantly follow. See for origin and meaning of Rayla. Hearing and smell. At Katolis, Prince Kasef is once again summoned to the throne room in a bid for King Ezran to persuade him to sue for peace. Ghost is the twenty-first episode of The Dragon Prince and the third chapter of the third book, "Sun". Saved by Diana Dj. And now the ghosts are arguing with each other over philosophy and states of death, and they’re getting pretty sassy. He says dramatically that he understands, that the world just isn't ready for what they have. Then threatened Nyx to use her blades to cheer her up if the Skywing Elf doesn't get out of the way. Callum uses magic and through it discovers the truth of Rayla's parents - that they actually stayed and fought Viren to the last and that Tiadrin used cunning words to convince Viren to spare Zym's egg. Ethari also gives her the Moon Opal necklace that he and Runaan both wear, before Rayla turns back into a ghost and can no longer speak with Ethari. She protests, wanting to come along to make up for her mistake, and yet her mentor tells her his decision is final. Ethari is able to see Rayla's reflection in a sword he is working on and he reveals that the Moonshadow Elves believe she abandoned the assassins, causing them to die. More April 8 Birthdays. Upon entering the Silvergrove, they can’t see the faces of any Moonshadow Elves and the other elves don’t see Rayla, Callum, or Zym at all. Country Singer. As Kasef prepares to leave the castle, Saleer, a member of the High Council suddenly approaches him for a private discussion. Rayla hears of Ezran's decision to return home respecting it and knows she'll see him again because she knows where he lives. Her neighbors however, fearing the Scoia'tael commandos, showed nothing but hatred towards Rayla and her family, who were constantly bullied, discriminated and beaten. Then, notices they were getting lower and took a crash landing because Phoe Phoe was low on energy but saved Zym and Ezra from falling. Due to their obligations to the group, her parents had left her in the care of Runaan and Ethari, whom they were close friends with, and who raised Rayla in their place. Recognizing the weapon Tristan was using, she informs Callum and Ezran that it was a Sunforged blade made by Sunfire Elves, a blade that once forged will stay hot for centuries and can cut through anything. Anime Fan Art Fantasy Rayla Dragon Prince Dragon Princess Dragon Prince Season 3 Prince Art Cartoon Avatar The Last Airbender. The boys realize that she is afraid of water, but she denies it by boarding the boat. She tells him that she was wrong - that he is more than just a big, dumb lump. As the return to the exterior cave outside of Zubeia's lair, she sits down and Callum asks if she's okay. Callum must perform the ritual along with her, in order to "use her magic key". Rayla Is A Member Of . Returning to the group, they keep moving until they come across a giant spider. Waiting for the leech to leave, she hesitantly confides in him her problems, which Ezran sees as her compassion and empathy. See more posts like this on Tumblr. They begin the trek up the mountain and Callum asks if they're going to tell the Dragon Queen that they're "a thing" when they reach the top. Summary Castle “Ghost” Cranshaw is being raised by his single mother. rayla's swords < > Most recent. Upon his noticing Rayla fiddling with her wrist binding, she tells them it's just decorative and continues. Continuing to watch over him she sees Callum tossing around calling for help, even though she still reprimands him for using dark magic she knows he'll get through this but seeing his condition get worse she asks him if he's alright. Pop Singers. Rayla was born to Tiadrin and Lain in the Silvergrove on July 31st. Rayla explains to Callum that she must perform a special ritual to see through the illusion, which is like having a magic key. The next day, Rayla uses Corvus's tracking skills to find Nyx and her Ambler. He never performed the ghost spell for his best friends. Rayla agrees with him that it's not real. Runaan realizes Rayla was stalling him and leaves to continue the attack, while Rayla finds Ezran and Callum. Now, I’m reminded more of Gravity Falls where Dipper trapped a ghost inside a silver hand held mirror. She and Callum were forced to wait until dawn to catch up to Zym and Nyx. His father is in prison for shooting at them. "Can't wait to see what it is." She tells him that it hurts to be there and they hold hands. Back to a time when we were lesser beings! When Callum suggests tossing the stone, Rayla tells him it's a bad idea, and when she catches it she turns extra crispy. Making their way up to the roof Rayla asks the princes to give her the egg to show her leader in order to stop the assassination. She tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it and won't change her mind, but he reveals to her what it was that he discovered. He tells her with a catch in his voice that she can't face an entire army by herself. Determined to prove herself, Rayla sneaks into the castle on her own and comes across Callum. He tries to apologize saying he didn't believe what he said. Back in the cave, he explains that his father Viren is coming with an army of enchanted soldiers, stronger and angrier, with big claws. Rayla goes out in an attempt to save her but is too late. Dejected, Rayla leaves to talk with Lujanne, where she understands her words of telling Callum the whole truth even though she's afraid of hurting him. Now, Ethari uses the same arrow to carry the message of the Dragon Prince's birth to the Dragon Queen. The group considers this ominous message and continues onward. Ethari possesses the last arrow that Runaan shot to send the message of King Harrow's death. When humans starved and struggled, helpless and pathetic. Three Finding Runaan, Rayla tries to convince him to stop the mission by showing him the egg of the dragon prince. On the day the Dragon King Avizandum was killed, Rayla's parents were the only members of the Dragonguard who stayed behind to defend the lair, but were defeated by Viren. Only life and death.” - Rayla, Moonshadow Elf, The Dragon Prince. Rayla Popularity . On the way to Rayla's home, the Silvergrove, Rayla warns Callum that the elves will not take kindly to human presence, so Callum makes a crude disguise of being an Earthblood Elf, much to Rayla's annoyance. Leaving to investigate, she is approached by a deer but then attacked by Corvus. Dark Mage: You just expect humans to go back to the way things were before we had magic. Seeing his mistake, Viren calms himself and explains that he would've given up his life if it meant taking back the egg, claiming all his actions are for humanity's benefit. The Dragon Prince Official Website - Runaan's Birthday, https://dragonprince.fandom.com/wiki/Rayla/History?oldid=31933. Rayla: yeah why lol just trying out human culture. Carrie Underwood. She is known for singing the Theme Song for Fast Layne and also the same song in That Revenge 3: The Good Life! She explains that everything in her world is filled with magic, the same as their world is filled with nature. Rayla allows them to stay one more day, wishing everyone to stay on their toes while she patrols. Afterward, they were approached by Claudia who wanted to talk to Callum alone, Rayla announces her surprise that Claudia didn't manipulate him into returning home but became shocked they want to join them. Ask. When Ibis shows the group the sleeping form of Zubeia, she can only look on sadly. (2016) Ghost. When Rayla was little she played in the meadow outside of her village in the Silvergrove, and made friends with the adoraburrs. Video. They in fact don’t return so when she did go home in S3E3, she effectively did exactly what Runaan told her to do, but they made her a ghost assuming she abandoned them. Letting her examine the egg, she explains that the only way to save it is for the egg to hatch in the eye of the storm, which isn't going to happen. Ethari gives them two mounts to ride on their journey and promises to send word to the dying dragon queen that her baby lives and that Rayla and a human are bringing him home. The Dragon Prince Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. @raayllum has a pretty solid answer to it here (basically it’s that Callum is the first person to love her this unconditionally in her life). During sunrise of the day of the battle, Rayla came to the top of the Storm Spire, teasing Callum by asking him if he pulled a muscle doing jumping jacks. She sees that Zym was uneasy about his mother then encourages him to see her but warns the young dragon that Zubeia was in deep slumber and wasn't waking up any time soon but then witnessed with Bait, Zym trying to revive her. Rayla's parents were part of the Dragonguard, an elite force comprised of eight elven warriors chosen to protect the egg containing the Dragon Prince. Before parting ways, Nyx tells them that the Dragons' lair is called the Storm Spire and that the air gets really thin up there.

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