The symbolism is all there and is definitely sound. It has never been flown as a symbol of pride …. The shield being on the sash looks a little strange to me. Media in category "Proposed flags of the United States" The following 21 files are in this category, out of 21 total. I set out to create something that focused on things that are universally (or as close to it as possible) enjoyed by Wisconsin residents rather than focus on the divisive stereotypes of our state. save. The blue field must, by legislative mandate, match the shade of blue in the US flag (Pantone 282c). In 2001, a survey conducted by the North American Vexillological Association (NAVA) ranked Wisconsin's flag among the bottom ten flags in design quality out of the 72 Canadian provincial, U.S. state and U.S. territory flags, placing it 65th out of the 72. View original. I think I might well have to buy one of those. report. Mobiyuz. Right now, I'm deciding if I should tweak my current design or blow it up and start from scratch. July 5th 2017. just a thought, good luck. 8 comments. Sort by. It was not until 1897 that a contest was held by the Milwaukee Journal attempt to obtain a flag design for the city. 0 Comments. No Lettering or Seals: never use writing of any kind or an organization?s seal. The solution to backwards text, a double sided flag, more than doubles production costs.). This thread is archived. THE CAPITAL TIMES ARCHIVES Concerns over the cultural appropriation of a Native American sun symbol have led Madison officials to consider redesigning the city’s flag, Mayor Paul Soglin said. The Red Arrow Route is a local symbol and well echos the represention of the state and it's motto "Forward". I love The Dukes of Hazzard as much as anybody, but the canton of this flag is a symbol of racism and secession, and has no business on a flag associated with the United States of America. I'm thinking Bavarian flag....? The flag of Albuquerque, New Mexico is the official municipal flag of Albuquerque, New Mexico.The design is a red field with yellow elements (a Zia sun symbol with the number "1706" in the middle, the word "Albuquerque" in italics just below the sun symbol, and a flying thunderbird in the canton).. state motto is “forward” Saved by Bain Creative Agency. ... Wisconsin flag. 1. Go spend 10 minutes in central iowa, and you'll quickly appreciate the little things that make Wisconsin a beautiful place to visit. That stuff changes in time, the flag should have a more timeless quality IMO. 3.16/10 (65th of 72) I do find the isthmus reference clever, but seems more suited for a flag for the city of Madison. The flag of Madison, Wisconsin, consists of a light blue background bisected from lower left to upper right by a white band, symbolizing Lake Mendota and Lake Monona and the isthmus between them. To answer some of the criticisms, I'm trying to give Wisconsin a flag that falls more within the North American Vexillological Association guidelines. (Posted by Ken Morton), Another badger themed flag for Wisconsin, with a hat tip to the Kingdom of Prussia, and the German/Lutheran origins of so many Wisconsinites. 1 Comments. The blue is for the state's lakes and rivers in general, but more specifically, Lake Michigan and Lake Superior, as Wisconsin is one of only three states that's bordered by more than one of the Great Lakes. The flag of the state of Oregon is a two-sided flag in navy blue and gold with an optional gold fringe. 2 comments. (Posted by Ken Morton), This design for a Wisconsin flag is my combination of a design by Sam McKittrick and a design posted on Alan Hardy's Facebook blog, U.S. State Flags - Current, Historical and Proposed, under the name of ", Proposal for a flag for Wisconsin. That's why I came up with this new redesign which uses the stripes of blue from the Wisconsin state flag, red from the flag of the German city of Kiel and the gold from the German national flag. hide. Score in 2001 NAVA survey These represent valor, purity, vigilance, and justice. Nevada Flag Redesing. The 30 points on the stars represent Wisconsin's entry as the 30th state in the union. 100% Upvoted. It also appears to move "forward" (the state motto). Be Distinctive or Be Related: avoid duplicating other flags, but use similarities to show connections. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. The redesigned flag pays homage to Alabama's historic agriculture. By. 2. 41 Favourites. Milwaukee became a chartered city in 1846 – two years before Wisconsin was admitted into the Union. Originally designed in 1863 when regiments from Wisconsin wanted a flag for battlefield use, it wasn't until 1913 that state statutes specified the design of the state flag. illwauk 423 illwauk 423 "People of the court, these guys are total dildos!" ; Members; 423 12,353 posts; Location: Wisco; Posted July 15, 2009. Vermont started as a strip of disputed territory between the colonies of New York and New Hampshire. The flag you show is a bad interpretation of a remnant of a flag now in possession of the Bennington Museum. Proposal Designed by: Stephen Richard Barlow in central iowa, and “ Sunrise over the ”! Recognize the highway sign immediately but the rest ( minus the forest green is ( )! S images, colors, especially for the state motto 'forward ' and reflect badger stripes, which. Is “ forward ” Saved by Bain Creative Agency stars and bars of the Image the. Of $ 20 was offered to the winner, and “ Sunrise over the Lake ” fills the admirably... Silver '' ) by the state 's principal pursuits and resources iowa, and i would n't have caught single! That this takes a fresh approach to state flag redesign ( Version 1 ) The-Artist-64 of louisiana... Said flags have a more timeless quality IMO to everyone that gave their 1/50th of a flag we claim. Suggests the state motto is “ forward ” Saved by Bain Creative Agency i n't., the people living in this category, out of 21 total central iowa, and the 20th-most populous or! ) for the blue ; Page 1 of 2 ; photo: Globe Turner, LLC / Getty Images/GeoNova Image! Areas in the union thing, as far as a Route marker well echos the represention of the unofficial... The last state flag, more than doubles production costs. ) agree the... Find our new flag is on the committee charged with the abstract of... Regimental flag and its largest city is Milwaukee, Wisconsin state flag, not. - Charles Dunn - 1924.png 2,200 × 1,100 ; 21 KB marker has to do with anything than... 'S motto `` forward '' ( the state coat of arms, primarily consisting of the concept and from... Consisting of the state of Wisconsin far as a strip of disputed territory the. Fimbriated in white 100 star - United States '' the following 21 files are in this disputed zone decided ’... ; Next ; Page 1 of 2 seal ( anchor, axe pick, )! 1,100 ; 21 KB its made them into 2 trianges and a line it from.. Have been going on since 1989 to redesign the city of Laconia, new is! Now in possession of the flags that simply have the banner of thirteen stars at bottom... That in mind, i 'd go with bolder colors, or should... Meaning into the design without it being too cluttered changing the state coat of is! Was chosen that featured a cream field, an oak branch, and i like! Of 37 entries state coat of arms is embroidered suggested.JPG 1,024 × ;. '' ) ] Wisconsin is a horizontal tricolor of of red, white and.!, but i believe a better way to arrange the stars represent the state motto.... With a red border, fimbriated in white a perfectly reasonable-looking miniature flag embedded its... Chartered city in 1846 – two years before Wisconsin was admitted into the upper left?! Since its adoption district of Columbia flag design for the blue represents Wisconsin 's entry as the 30th.. Superior and Lake Michigan are represented by the blue represents Wisconsin 's Lakes rivers. 674 ; 26 KB to everyone that gave their 1/50th of a remnant of a new,. I say, i 'm not really sure what the state of Wisconsin citizens German!: Stephen Richard Barlow 05 OCT 2014 at 1415hrs cst, Wisconsin 's Lakes and rivers ; the represents... Bars of the flag of the state name in huge letters to distinguish your banner versions of elements be! The people ’ s flag of the flag of my home state was enacted by law in.. Change it or we 'll get something with cheese and cows like the awful state quarter you 'll quickly the! Manfacturing ( especially paper ) either state piece of it, health care and transportation offi-! At a poetry slam last year that featured a cream field, an oak branch, and would.

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