I definitely need to update it though. https://finalbastion.com/wizard101-guides/w101-dungeons-boss-guides/picking-the-locks-simon-the-sayer/. Wouldn’t it be possible to get over 100% universal resist by using the wand and pet from the road warriors pack and using the new 2 piece set bonus that gives 3% universal resist. Although the name suggests that this skill will help with resisting all spell damage, this is not the case. The only way a pet would have a true 22% is if new better selfish talents were released and/or the max stats were increased. Here is a guide to all of Khrysalis's cheating bosses. None. . 15 Flawless Citrine. I believe that it was updated. However, what’s the max resist that one can achieve? I had a lot of failures. If you have questions about this block, please contact us at. I want to clarify something it’s hatching the grim scarab from road warriors hoard pack with the scarab from the doomsday krok hoard pack to make a grim scarab pet with increased base strength and agility values that lets you reach 15 proof and 7 defy when you get the selfish talents on it and spell proof and defy. While that doesn’t seem like a huge change, this also allows you to be effectively immune (you’ll take zero damage) to spells that hit you for any damage that’s equal or less than your flat resist amount. wizard101 jade gear farming, jade gear is really good for resist which is great for tanking/support. However, power doesn’t have that, so it’s not really very helpful. This ring will give you 3% resist. Source: Crown Shop (260 crowns), Lord Nightshade, Prince Gobblestone, Source: Takanobu the Masterless, a wooden key boss in the Cave of Solitude. Level 15+ Effect: Gives a Fire Cat Card. The following values are the resistance of the amulets: This is the only gear type that truly differs and allows Ice to achieve more resist than the other schools. It occurs to me that if I had near universal immunity and the deck with the triangle jewel that gives two shadow blades, I could still hit with Dark Nova. The "Moon" school casts as Myth, Ice, and Death~ that means they shield and resist those 3 schools. Jade gear is from packs but you should wait till 110 to open packs. The highest possible resist ring for Balance is called the Band of Harmony, which you can get from the Temple Guardian and the Temple Phantom (wooden key boss)  in the Hollow Mountain. This pet can be hatched at the Hatching Kiosk. You might be asking, how is this possible? Balance comes in a close second (by only one resist!). Sentinel is basically a free 25% damage reduction for four rounds when you have this much resist and brace helps with the bosses that have pierce. For those that craft, you can craft a deck in Darkmoor that gives you 2% shadow resist. Posted: (21 days ago) Please do not add any text or images directly to this page. For instance, a Life jewel will produce a jewel with a Life stat. Cracked Defense Opal. So if you had a 50 resist jewel, get hit by a 1000 damage bolt, it'll do 950, if it crits it'll do 1950 instead of 2000. . KI did it solely because they knew that it would be able to give people universal immunity, which they have known about for years now. We seek to be a welcoming community for wizards of all ages and to help wizards on their adventures through the Spiral. The school that can achieve the highest amount of resist is, to no one’s surprise, Ice. This pet comes with a blade, shield, and a damaging spell that gives you further shields. I got this info from final bastion’s page on tanglewood terror gauntlet drop list. This ring will give you 2% resist. If you have any questions, let me know, I’ll try to check back on this article. Also, don't invest too much time/effort on the healing part of support bc most groups don't need healing more then they need a juju spammer/blader. Free to Play | Kid Safe Game | Contact Us | Free Mini Games | About Us | KingsIsle Home, © 2020 KingsIsle Entertainment, Inc. All Rights Reserved | Legal | Privacy Policy | Terms of Use, You have been blocked from posting on these Message Boards. This pet really doesn’t need an introduction at this point as it’s extremely popular. In the fourth place slot is Storm, which means that Fire is in last place in terms of the highest possible universal resist. It also requires you to fish for a rather rare death pet that only spawns in a few locations, such as Darkmoor. The pet used for this guide is not a max stat pet and it reaches true 21% universal resist. Boots: Rockstar Kicks I think I have found a way to get more resistance. Damage max increases 1% and resist max increases 3% for 35 and above. This guide is meant to highlight the maximum possible resist. Level Required: Level 20+ Bonuses: +65 Max +5% Outgoing Drops From Reward From Looks Like Item Vendor Lowest Sell: Highest Sell: Documentation on how to edit this page can be found at Template:ItemInfobox/doc Hints, Guides and Discussions should be placed in the Discussion tab. }); Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *, An oldie but a goodie! Close. “Ice, death, and myth are tied at third place.” I assume you mean to replace ice in that sentence with life. It pet already contains several useful selfish talents in its talent pool that you are going to need, such as Spell-Proof, Powerful, Mighty and Relentless. How they work If you use a rude goblin with the road legend skull you gain 3% universal resist due to the set bonus. Posted by 2 years ago. I’ve used them since their introduction into the game. Flat jewels are a misinterpreted stat for Wizard101. For instance, if a spell hits you for 1000 damage (assuming no blades or weaknesses and that you don’t have any shields) and you have 50% resist and 50 flat resist, the spell will hit you for 475 damage. This one will slightly differ between schools but the best possible option is the tier one version as it gives two square sockets.

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