Check which countries are in the EU and EEA on GOV.UK if you’re not sure. 2- she got her PR (subclass 100 visa) Visa and its partner banks can help you recover losses from fraud, billing errors or even purchases that lacked the quality you expected. The information and comments do not amount to and are not intended to be adopted as legal advice to any individual or company. Visas can only be cancelled by operation of law or by positive steps taken by immigration decision makers. When considering if the sponsorship counts, the grant matters. Can she still stay in the country. The Home Office has the power to cancel your spouse visa and you then either need to apply for a new visa or leave the UK.The Home Office normally tell you that your spouse visa has been ‘curtailed’ by sending you a curtailment letter. You must then either apply for a new visa or leave the UK. Judge Driver noted that this interpretation does produce a seemingly odd and anomalous result, namely that a person can have their own Partner visa cancelled if the sponsoring partner’s visa is cancelled, but they will not lose their entitlement to the visa in circumstances where the relationship has failed due to reasons of family violence, or where the sponsor has died. In that scenario, does the Department have the power to cancel your client’s Subclass 100 Partner visa under section 140(2) of the Act? We have a wide range of expertise to support business and private clients in all areas of law. 'Getting you' is what I do best . He threaten me that he will cancel my visa. Definetly check with your original country's legal system (lawyer) to find what is the best to do. They do need to prove this. //--> That’s why, if you are in the UK on a spouse visa, and you are thinking about separating or getting divorced, it is very important to take immigration and Family Law advice before you take any steps. (in the arcane world of statutory interpretation, it is never allowed for statutory provisions to be “lazy”, they have always got to be kept busy and put to work!). So you’ll be allowed to renew your registration even if you flunk! That isn’t a good idea as it may affect your immigration record, so it is best to take quick legal advice from spouse visa experts and then contact the Home Office direct or via your solicitor. Therefore, only the Home Office has the power and authority to cancel your Spouse Visa or to make you leave the UK. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to';